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Soy un párrafo. Haz clic aquí para agregar tu propio texto y edítame. Soy un lugar ideal para que cuentes una historia y permitas que tus usuarios conozcan un poco más sobre ti.

We love our community- you are family to us. We've worked hard over the years to serve you delicious food and drinks, been there to cater your special events, and hosted your dates and celebrations. We are grateful for friendship and business!


Small businesses like us depend on you to thrive. Please support us (and other local restaurants) in this difficult time. 



**WE OPEN FOR CARRY-OUT at all 6 locations from 11am--8pm!** We also offer delivery for orders of $20+.


🌮1329 S. Webster Ave
       (920) 430-3755
🌮2648 S. Packerland Drive-
🌮1053 Velp Ave-
       (920) 497-1027
🌮203 S. St Augustine St
Pulaski, WI 54162

       (920) 822-2002
🌮106 Smith Av Oconto WI 54388
       (920) 516-7388
🌮2025 Marinette Ave
Marinette, WI 54162

       (715) 330-5002



Welcome to Los Magueyes our tradition and authentic dishes gives you a little test of Mexican culture.

Cervezas especiales


WE have a large variety of Mexican beers

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