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We are an Autentic Mexican Cuisine Restaurant started serving in the Green Bay Area  for over 8 years.

Best Service and delicius dishes along with a tipical Mexican ambience, provides our customers an unique experience wih great taste.

Julio Y Polo welcomes you



Magueyes are a species of agave plant, from which tequila is made. When it matures,

the plant’s pineapple-like base fills with a sweet sap, called aguamiel (honey water).

The juice is fermented, then distilled twice. Tequila is named after the town where it is made, in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Descriptions of Mexican Food.

Tacos (Tah-kohs)

Tortillas folded and fried crisp. Filled with beef, lettuce and cheese.

Guacamole (Gwah-kah-moh-lay)

Avocado salad.

Chalupas (Cha-lu-pahs)

Flat tortillas with beans sprinkled with cheese and topped with guacamole salad.

Duritos (Du-ree-tohs)

Corn tortillas cut and fried crisp in oil.

Enchiladas (En-chee-lah-dahs)

Corn tortillas rolled around seasoned filling and topped with cheese and sauce.

Sopapillas (Soh-pah-pee-yahs)

Fried flour tortilla topped with honey, butter and cinnamon.

Chiles Rellenos (Chee-lays Ray-yay-nohs)

Bell peppers stuffed with meat and smothered in cheese.

Chile con Queso

Cheese and jalapeño peppers.

Frijoles Refritos (Free-hoh-lays Ray-free-tohs)

Refried beans.

Nachos (Nah-chohs)

Melted cheese and jalapeño peppers on toasted tortillas.

Burrito (Bu-ree-toh)

Flour tortilla rolled around ground beef or beans and topped with cheese and onion salsa.

Tortillas (Tohr-tee-yahs)

Thin corn or flour pancakes used as a base for many dishes.

Tamales (Tah-mah-lays)

Savory meat fillings steamed in corn meal casing and wrapped in corn husks.

Our restaurant is named Los Magueyes in honor of this tradition.

Tequila is mixed with lime juice to make the margarita cocktail, served in a

glass rimmed with salt. Usually Mexicans prefer their tequila unmixed and served

with salt and a lime slice on the side. The drinker combines the flavors by taking salt,

tequila and lime in rapid succession.

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